Key structural and financial figures for the Polish banking sector in 2019

In banking, 2019 may be considered a successful, albeit demanding year. Credit demand remained stable and close to the nominal GDP growth rate. The expansion of credit was still supported by high economic growth rate, favourable situation in the labour market, low interest rates and banks’ equity surplus. On the consumer side, it is worth noting good financial condition of households, which is related to higher social benefits, lower taxes and rising wages, which translate into higher credit rating and drives demand for both consumer and residential mortgage loans. On the corporate side, the demand remained stable, although it slightly weakened at the end of the year following the more advanced phase of the business cycle, which in 2019 entered a period of slower growth. Nevertheless, the second part of the year initiated a number of new risks in the sector, including, primarily, CJEU case law on foreign currency loans and commission returns.