New online and mobile banking

In April 2019, Alior Bank has completed the process of customer migration from the old online banking to a new system.

Online and mobile banking has been enhanced with a number of functions, both relating to sale, as well as transactions and processing.

In carrying out the process of customer migration from brick-andmortar outlets to the digital world (called “digitisation project”), our systems have been expanded to include a number of self-service functions. Now it is possible to modify your personal details (including to replace the data of your identity document with verification of data in databases of the Ministry of Interior and Administration), manage marketing consents, submit FATCA/CRS statements, as well as activate access to Alior Online and Alior Mobile through the website.In addition, to simplify contact with Call Centre consultants, a capability has been introduced to make an authorised connection from the level of the Alior Mobile app.

A large part of development work on systems has focused on adapting the solutions to the requirements of PSD2 Directive aimed at enhancing the security of customers and their transactions. In the initial two quarters of the year, these changes focused on implementing the legal requirements for the availability of data of the accounts kept by Alior Bank to other entities (other TPP) as part of open banking. The third quarter of the year introduced mainly changes in the security area – including adaptation to the requirements of strong authentication of customers using the systems. Two-factor login has been thus made available, by which customers, when logging in, not only provide their passwords, but also confirm their instruction by applying a text message code or a notice sent to the mobile app. Mobile authentication has been also made available for the authentication of payments and orders made through Alior Online.

In the transactional area, a capability has been introduced of presenting information on whether the recipient of the BLIK telephone transfer has his/her service active, and, in addition, a number of optimisation changes have been rolled out to the processing of BLIK transactions. All this translated into more than one million BLIK transactions carried out in December 2019. Alior Mobile app has been also expanded with the capability of adding Apple Pay or Google Pay to the card (for iOS and Android apps, respectively). Both in online and in mobile banking, a direct debit service has been introduced in keeping with the modified way to carry out such transactions. The possibility of adding a card to the Mastercard Priceless Specials loyalty programme contributes to greater transaction volumes carried out by customers. 

Also a number of changes have been implemented to adapt the system to legal requirements – including changes related to the processing of Split Payments, a new way to process tax transfers, and changes in how currency and international transfers are executed.

Regarding the functionalities dedicated to business customers, the following has been made available: management of packages under the Rachunek 4×4 account, modification of account history filtering and exporting, processing of “transfer baskets”, as well as the capability of moving from Alior Online to Business Pro without additional login.

Sales functions have been expanded to include:

  • sale of Brokerage House products (including brokerage account and deposit account, and possibility of entering into an investment fund agreement);
  • improvements in processing simplified cash advance applications;
  • processing of dedicated special offerings for deposits;
  • using push notifications in the mobile app for offerings and information conveyance;
  • capability of setting up a business account by a consumer who has had no prior business relationship with the bank.

To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, a number of facilities in serving blind and visually impaired customers both in Alior Online and in Alior Mobile have been introduced, and the Alior Online dashboard has been remodelled.

Functional development of both Alior Online and Alior Mobile has translated into a significant growth of user base – in particular of the mobile app, where the year-on-year growth reached 70%. 

In addition, changes providing utility improvements are appreciated by users, which translates into continued increase in assessment scores of the app.

Online and mobile banking for Business Customers

In 2019, we have successfully migrated almost 77,000 of customers to the Business Pro online banking, at the same time providing them with the capability of moving between the business and consumer contexts without the need for a new login.

As a result of dynamic implementations, we have adapted the system to a number of regulatory requirements:

  • PSD2 Directive for Open API and strong authentication;
  • Split Payment – VAT split payment – JPK (Single File Control);
  • Article 61b of the General Tax Code – PIT, CIT, VAT transfers to Individual Tax Accounts and microaccounts of Tax Offices.